Dancechamp777 留言: Tue 13 Oct 15
Adion, thank you for solving the Automix-skip bug (Build 2479). I now have a fully functional
working adjustable automix fade script that I would like to share with the other DJ's in this
forum who have been inquiring about this. Where can I post this for everyone to see and use? 留言: Wed 13 May 15
Hey Adion,

heb jij destijds niet djdecks ontwikkeld? Heb ik nog steeds een licentie van :)
dJ_ro_(ecu) 留言: Mon 23 Dec 13
welcome to vdj
pseft 留言: Mon 12 Dec 11
welcome to vdj
Moretta 留言: Wed 09 Nov 11
we're all grateful for having you here!
kradcliffe 留言: Mon 07 Nov 11
cioce 留言: Mon 07 Nov 11
Welcome on board ;)
armin mc 留言: Mon 07 Nov 11
Welcome Adion :)