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I am Mark Been a DJ since I was small Now I do It for fun and hobby, Enjoy the Music & Shows Hit Me up And Email If U Like Or for Set Requests Or jokes ect.. U all Know The Script.

Birthdate 8/12/1974/ Male/ scotland/ uk - all music all fun all party all time Been chat admin and in to tech for years in many places and rooms. need something more than am glad to help if i can with music tech or pc help or drivers ect long as it not off the virtual dj site. Unless your a member and all that hehe :D

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DJ Crosz 留言: Sun 30 Apr 17
hi dj road m8
DJRoad 留言: Sun 30 Apr 17
welcome on the site.
DJ Crosz 留言: Wed 19 Apr 17
welcome new folks have fun
DJ Crosz 留言: Thu 18 Feb 16
Forgot to put last 2 sets live folks they are now up today