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 Remote DeckControl

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Turn your iPad to side-deck controller. 8 Pads matrix with Hotcues, Loops, Loop Rolls, Effects, Sampler, custom buttons and Slicer controls. 1024x768

Date added: Fri 05 Jun 15 @ 5:28 pmLast update: Fri 05 Jun 15 @ 5:38 pm

 Kazoo EQ Skin

I've made this skin to use in my iPad so I can quickly change the EQ and Gains on my decks without having to turn my head to the computer. Has a Scratch wave view and the name of the songs playing as well the BPM's. A simple Skin for a good use. Hope you l

Date added: Thu 03 May 18 @ 5:32 pmLast update: Wed 09 May 18 @ 2:02 pm