DJ & Producer from Denmark..:)


DJHoeimark 留言: Mon 04 May 15
N4 mapper coming for VDJ8..:)
djrxmx 留言: Wed 25 Jun 14
Please make one of your great mappers for Numark N4 based on the new Virtual DJ 8. Please. (I really liked your VDJ 7 mapper for the Numark N4.)
vaquitamix 留言: Sat 14 Dec 13
me gustaria tener tu mapping de n4 saludo venezuela
torea11 留言: Fri 24 Aug 12
Hi Guys! How are you? I have a doubt, there will be some kind person who can help me?
Well, is this. I can connect my turntable (AMERICAN AUDIO TTD 2400 USB) directly to the computer and play with them with the software Virtual Pro Full 7j D?
Also I have a mixer (BEHRINGER DJX750) but it has no USB connection.
Well that's all friends!

Thanks to all. Regards from Spain
simodjs 留言: Mon 09 Jan 12
thnx mate :D
armin mc 留言: Tue 15 Nov 11
Hahaha nice Avatar :D I like this picture ;)
DJHoeimark 留言: Thu 30 Dec 10
Just bough the step-->Awsomeness---->Pro FUll :)