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话题: "Invalid skin file (error line 0 in the xml)" - Page: 4


djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

1. Empty the Folder MyDocuments\VirtualDJ\Skins
2. Run regedit, search for Folder VirtualDJ and delete the entire Folder (usually located in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software)
3. Install your VirtualDJ DJC Edition.

发表时间 Fri 06 May 11 @ 8:37 pm
hey djdraco1,
I have the answer for your problem download your version aigain and then it's work i had the same problem.

发表时间 Fri 20 May 11 @ 7:03 am
I just purchased a hercules mk4 dj console today and it came with VDJ LE. I followed all of the instructions for installation, i got the driver for the console in and virtual dj in. But when i go to start VDJ a message pops up. "Invalid Skin File (error line %i in the xml)"....i have no clue what's going on. I have a macbook pro btw. If anyone has any clue what the heck is going on, a little light on the situation would go a long long way

发表时间 Sat 28 May 11 @ 8:35 pm
dj kkomHome userMember since 2011
I got that prob too, somebody plese get the prob fixed!

发表时间 Mon 06 Jun 11 @ 10:37 am
Check it again. There are several solution to this bug.

发表时间 Mon 06 Jun 11 @ 10:43 am
i got the hercules 4set and when i try to turn on the virtual dj le 7 it says ''invalid skin (error line 0 in the xml' i have a lenovo laptop windows 7 please if anybody can help me with this situation

发表时间 Fri 19 Aug 11 @ 1:25 pm
lrgdopHome userMember since 2011
i bought the numark idj3 mixdeck with virtual dj le. but now my virtual le doesnt want to work "invalid skin file error line 0 xml" my problem is that i lost the virtual dj le program disc. what can i do....????????????

发表时间 Wed 24 Aug 11 @ 8:32 pm

发表时间 Thu 25 Aug 11 @ 7:57 am
Okay, i searched all over the internet for a solution for this error and every single forum post that i read made absolutely no sense to me.
If your like me then computer jargon is not your thing. so in laymens terms, here is what i did.

-im currently running windows 7 (which is what most PC's are running if you have purchased your computer within the last 2 years)

-i clicked on my virtual dj PRO icon on my desktop (which i purchased online and it is the full version)
-and i got an error that read (ERROR Line0 in the xml)
-i clicked ok
-then i went to "My Documents"
-found the folder titled Virtualdj and clicked it once (so the file is highlighted but not opened)
-then i right clicked the highlighted folder (so you should see open, open in new window, share with, restore previous versions etc.)
-everytime a change is made to the program it does an AUTOSAVE type thing
-a window pops up with dates that the program was last modified
-restore your program to the oldest date listed (which would be the date you downloaded it)
-Close out of everything and double click your virtualdj shortcut and it should work perfect

I dont know if this will work for trial versions but it worked perfect for me. Im using a PC and i dont have any experience with a MAC so...
but i hope this helps atleast 1 person

发表时间 Thu 29 Sep 11 @ 11:33 pm

I am having this error problem, but I using a intelcore Macbookpro. any help?


发表时间 Sun 06 Nov 11 @ 4:01 pm
tham this suck's can't use virtual dj

发表时间 Tue 17 Jan 12 @ 5:12 pm
hello i use the defalt 2 deck skin and i connected my vestax tyhpoon console and since then i have that messege poping and a window with the Recover Or Shutdown opitions.. these happens to my both laptops Vista and Windows xp ! :)

发表时间 Sun 22 Jan 12 @ 3:14 pm

发表时间 Sun 22 Jan 12 @ 3:36 pm
deleted still the same the i cant find the problem somehow after i closed my console i had this problem on both of my laptops..

发表时间 Sun 22 Jan 12 @ 3:56 pm
I encounter the same problem and boy it is frustrating however I found the answer! Go to the manufacturer website and they have software updates and let me tell you it works like a charm!

In my case is Numark so here it is:

Must be software problem! Enjoy!

发表时间 Fri 27 Jan 12 @ 10:11 pm
i get the invalid skin file (error line 0 in the xml) nothing i do works.from suggestions below i have the virtual dj le 7 version is there anyone that can help me

发表时间 Sat 27 Oct 12 @ 11:59 am

发表时间 Sat 27 Oct 12 @ 1:31 pm
i am getting the invalid skin error, when i open documents / virtual DJ - there is no skins folder?? can i get this elsewhere?

发表时间 Sun 30 Dec 12 @ 1:58 am

发表时间 Sun 30 Dec 12 @ 11:05 am
Hi ive had the same problem and it took me hours to sort out so i thought i best share.

the problem is you can only install under administrator account

the virtual dj working folder is installed to c:\users\administrator\documents\virtualdj
so any other user cannot access this folder

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发表时间 Sun 21 Jul 13 @ 2:20 pm
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