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paliotero FAQ, gia virtualdj 2 & 3, kapoia den isxyoun: (kyriws anafores gia direct X kai video)
(by dimitris_Tsanak) Posted Fri 06 May 05 @ 12:20:11

- My video doesn't work in hardware accelerated mode

The "Hardware Accelerated" mode makes intensive use of DirectX9 optimisations to try to speed up the display of your video clip.
On some older video cards, your driver might not implement these optimisations, in which case your video will actually appears even slower with the hardware mode enabled.
In rare case, the hardware mode might even fail completely.

- The sound keeps skipping

Version 2.1 has been optimised to take advantage of the new processing power. However, if your computer is too slow or you lack memory, you can still revert to the old behavior by going in the general options and changing the "reactivity" parameter to medium, or even slow.

- Where is the time coded vinyl option that used to be in the "hardware controller bis" pannel?

In order to use a timecode, one now need to go in the soundconfig, and select the last item (timecode config).

- So, how do I do if I don't have an ASIO soundcard

Many ASIO drivers exist now for almost every possible soundcard.
If you need one, we recommend the great free software called Asio4All v2 (
This way, even people without an ASIO soundcard will be able to experience the ultra-low latency mode.

- My videos play with a very low frame rate

VirtualDJ video mixer has been optimised to play mpeg music videos.
It will still perform very good on most avi files.
Still, if you try to play a two hours movie compressed with a high compression algorithm (like some flavors of xvid), the video might not be as quick as it would in Windows Media Player.
Once again, the goal of VirtualDJ is not to watch movies, but to mix music videos ;)

- When I save a sample it takes a longer time than with version 2.0x

In v2.1, samples are not saved in mp3 anymore but with another compression algorithm, that do takes longer, but will gives true "gap-less" loops.
Still, with 2s samples, no one should see the difference.

- My favourite skin has its loop buttons that do not work correctly

There is a new syntax for the loop actions that allows skins and shortcut to shrink or grow the loops easily.
So, a negative parameter that used to set a half beat or quarter beat loop will now be used to divide the loop length. In order to give a half or quarter loop, one must use the values "50" or "25".
Most skin developpers have already updated their skins or are in the process of doing so. If you have one of the skin you made listed on the website, you are encouraged to update a new version.

- I bought a song on iTunes but it won't load in VirtualDJ. Why do you say v2.1 is compatible with iTunes?

VirtualDJ 2.1 has a built-in compatibility for MP4, M4A and AAC files, which are the "unprotected" format of iTunes. This does not includes the M4P format, which is a format used by apple to make sure the file cannot be used in any other software or device than iTunes and iPod.
This means virtualdj will play all the songs imported into iTunes from your CDs or mp3, but it won't play the protected song bought from the iTunes store.

- When I try to launch VirtualDJ it says d3d9.dll is missing

VirtualDJ v2.0x needed DirectX v3.0 or more in order to work.
VirtualDJ v2.1 need DirectX v9.0 or more in order to work.
You can download the latest version of DirectX on microsoft website:

- Where do I find some plugins for the video

VirtualDJ is also compatible with all visual plugins from the sonique player, so you will find plenty of plugins to use on their website:

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