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话题: please remake the swirl up effect!


bluffHome userMember since 2002
This effect is really good for the first time! But can you make it like a backspin? like you spin back the vinyl ? And than it stops (and don´t start again!) ?

Whats about some finer chorus, new flanger effects ?
more experimental some new effects which does not exists in hardware effecters ?!

But you work is very useful thank you!


发表时间 Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 5:01 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I already made some new effects, which don't exist as hardware (like eg the ABS effect- ask trip_likeido) but none of them really worked :(

发表时间 Sat 13 Apr 02 @ 6:11 pm

How would this backspin need to work then ?
From fast backspin to slow backspin (stop), or constant backspin speed with volume fadeout, or from slow backspin to fast backspin with volume fadeout.

On your chorus and flanger effects, I am currently porting some freeware code (like FreeVerb - with open source for non-commercial purposes - which is a professional Reverb effect).

As with all things, there are more intentions than there is time to realise them, so I'm afraid these will take some time (your backspin being an easy one, I wait for your type definition before coding it)


DJ Corpse

发表时间 Mon 15 Apr 02 @ 9:16 pm
JanoschPRO InfinityMember since 2003
@DJ Corpse
sorry it doesn't have any to do with this effect here but i wan't to ask you about a talkover-effect. Can you code something like this?. I mean a talkover effect wich set the volume level of the playing track down and a slider for the mike level so you could ease speak while playing music.

Thanks for an answer (and sorry about my english)


发表时间 Mon 15 Apr 02 @ 10:35 pm
Corpse - A Suggestion for the backspin sample:

When the effect is enabled, starts playing the music backward, then increases the speed exponentially and then cuts/fades out at a certain speed (Have a slider which controls the acceleration and one that indicated the time in MS in which the sample cuts/fades out)

Also ..... for a pretty basic effect ... simply write one that just plays the music backwards at its regular speed.

Thanks for listening !!!!!!!!!!!

发表时间 Mon 15 Apr 02 @ 11:07 pm
would be cool!

发表时间 Thu 18 Apr 02 @ 5:37 pm
bluffHome userMember since 2002
I mean it so: The Track get slow and slower (like the normal turntable break 2.0 or so) and than: like you push your hand on the vinyl and swirl it back (very fast) and stop with volume down (or make slider to decide how it swirl back) and -don´t is there a difference? i can´t hear some difference...

发表时间 Thu 18 Apr 02 @ 8:37 pm
One pAkHome userMember since 2002
i made the same request on the effects section of -brake and swirl up.... spinning the record fast backwards and slow down to a stop.... its what i use in a mix before the next song is played... the current track turns backwards really fast and stops ,,,,,,,,then the second song begins.. ... thanks
Dj One pak .

发表时间 Sun 21 Apr 02 @ 2:07 am
bluffHome userMember since 2002
i wanted to use it for the end only.
I think to make with this effect a mix to the next track is realy boring (only sometimes if the song is absolutly not to mix or is a song which is not same categurary )

greets Bluff

发表时间 Sun 21 Apr 02 @ 3:19 pm
OK, to manage expectations ;-) :

I'll be rather busy (professionally) in the next week or so, hence you should expect this effect to be released in something like 10 days from now (and not any earlier).


DJ Corpse

发表时间 Sun 21 Apr 02 @ 6:35 pm
arvyControlleristMember since 2003
Corpse, I'm sure that the spin back plugin will be cool, many people will use it. I think that sometimes we'll need this effect from a specific pitch to zero OR a constant pitch.

Example (sorry, my english is not good, i'm brazillian):

1) from pitch +150% to pitch -100% (stop), fading

or you can use as

2) from pitch x% to pitch x%, ie, just play it reverse...

So, my suggestion is a slider "from pitch" (example -100% to +150%), a slider "to pitch" (example -100% to +150% - well, rare a situation like: reverse 0% to +150%) and a slider "duration" in seconds....

or: a dynamic slider, while dragging a "pitch" slider, the pitch changes together (but i dont have idea how to "stop" this)

Well, hope you can understand me...


发表时间 Mon 22 Apr 02 @ 6:19 pm
bluffHome userMember since 2002
to corpse:
I am very happy that you try to make the swirl up effect to a newer version! thank you very much for answering my quetstion, because i use only the demo and pressing always the thing back (after 15 minutes) i am still learning a job so i have not enough money to live (but it goes) If there are better times i am sure i buy atomix and help the team finacial!
But now it doesn´t go! thats life!
GREETINGS @ all Atomix-Lovers

发表时间 Mon 22 Apr 02 @ 8:35 pm