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话题: The first atomixmp3 complete theme !!!


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Yep, It has taken me a while but it’s almost ready for download..
This pack includes my desktop wallpaper (Learn, Love, Live atomix), A complete new skin (Winter Blues) and my professional Flanger effect (Flanger Lite). !!
The Flanger and Wallpaper are already available for download in the add-on section.
For now you can view a screen shot (url below) of the "near final" version. Please post feedback here.


Screenshot :

发表时间 Wed 05 Dec 01 @ 12:49 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
checkin' it now.

Wow, that looks good, it will complement my XP Silver theme nicely too!

I doubt I'll use the wallpaper, but the skin looks great.

发表时间 Sun 09 Dec 01 @ 10:36 pm