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话题: clean database does not work for some files
I keep on seeing hundreds of files named like these; 129912846-ra-exchange-ra-exchange-180 and RA.EX039_110607_Sutekh-residentadvisor.net ..... They all have the red cross / Virtual DJ can't find the files. I tried cleaning up database via the 'dot'above the font size, right click file(s) and deleting them or delete from search list. nothing works, I also cannot find the files searching on my computer. But since there are so many it is pretty annoying. Any ideas how to get rid of them?

发表时间 Sat 02 Jul 22 @ 1:01 pm
check your playlists or history and see if they are there and remove them

发表时间 Sat 02 Jul 22 @ 9:54 pm