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话题: Mabel - Don't Call Me Up (Bren F Remix) - Free Download
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Here's my latest remix of Mabel's "Don't Call Me Up", currently in the UK top 10.

This is a deep house/dance version that keeps some of the familiar elements from the original.

Get it for free on Soundcloud

发表时间 Fri 08 Feb 19 @ 5:14 pm
Care to share the stems... Collab remix!

发表时间 Sat 09 Feb 19 @ 12:18 pm
Yeah, because that wouldn't be illegal at all, would it?

I can't say whether Bren got permission from the artist or the label to remix the copyrighted material or distribute it for free, but if he did and it's all above board then you'll also need permission - otherwise you're breaking the law.

发表时间 Sat 09 Feb 19 @ 3:19 pm
I didn't ask for the track... I asked for the stems, meaning the parts he'd created (and the MIDI). I'd of pitched the track from the promo myself.

If he has the official stems (which he obviously doesn't) they'd either be freely available (remix comps etc) or not for distribution... to which it's still perfectly OK to collab.

Slightly unrelated...
Many tracks at some point in production feature a rip from somewhere. Producers working on it will often share this version. It's at a later stage companies like REPLAY HEAVEN, SCORCCIO are used to replay it. Sometimes clearing a sample can be expensive. Finding and paying the right owners to get a yes can get complicated. It's a lot easier to get it replayed and deal with publishing.

Most if not all "official" remixers made their name being "unofficial" first. In some rare cases an unofficial remix becomes official but yes, technically the link above might be illegal. If Bren has permission, asking him would be the first step to be involved, obtaining permission for yourself.

发表时间 Sun 10 Feb 19 @ 6:51 pm