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I have a mate who works in a busy city centre pub on Friday & Saturday nights.

He constantly has issues with Serato crashing with his Pioneer controller. It runs slow as a dog and the waveforms are all jerky. He has thought about moving to VDJ (been trying to convince him for a while now) but it's not cool enough and he's worried what other DJs will think. Seems he'd rather put up with something that doesn't work great because it's better for his image.

That my friends is exactly the problem.

Personally I have VDJ running with a full video set, Deezer capability, AskThe DJ Twitter, video skin running and the whole thing can be controlled through my ipad with VNC and it is solid as a rock. I don't give a s**t what other DJs think

发表时间 Wed 23 Jan 19 @ 11:12 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Cleveland Terry wrote :
This should be fun. Who knows, I might end up loving it.

I appreciate your honesty. If you do watch any of my future videos, I think you will see that I'm pretty fair and honest about everything.

VDJ users are quick to the defense because we are "attacked, frowned upon, looked at" do to a software choice. Facts such as stability, usability, innovation, etc. are thrown aside by a lot of people that "follow the crowd"

Please, take the time to read the manual. Come in to the forum and ask questions. Really test drive the software before you review it. Put it into context of how long you've spent learning your software of choice. Also, please post a link of your review.

To come in here openly, take the heat, and leave a statement like this speaks volumes. Keyboard warriors can be very cruel. Well done sir.

发表时间 Wed 23 Jan 19 @ 3:01 pm

发表时间 Thu 24 Jan 19 @ 8:29 pm
Cleveland....I salute you for recording that review.

发表时间 Thu 24 Jan 19 @ 10:02 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
@Cleveland Terry No vdj user calls vdj "virtual dj", guess what we call it? :-)

发表时间 Thu 24 Jan 19 @ 11:12 pm
Well done Terry - great first impressions review, can't wait to see your feedback once you've used it at a gig.

I'm pretty sure most of us seasoned VDJ users were sitting there shouting at our screens when you came across a few hiccups at first, like the load track button etc, saying how easy that was to fix etc. But I think once you have given VDJ it a bit of time and configured it to your preference (that is the main reason i love VDJ, its customization to me), you'll warm to it much more. Please do come back on here and ask for help if you get stuck with anything like mapping or even asking what you may feel is a dumb question. Believe me i have asked a few lol. The wealth of knowledge on these forums is like nothing i have experienced elsewhere and there are many who will help out.

Remember you are coming into it VDJ with X amount of years working with a different software and it will always take time to get used to something new.

But props to you and what you have done. Others would have just said "no VDJ ain't for me end of and I'm not even gonna give it a go"

Looking forward to the next video.


发表时间 Fri 25 Jan 19 @ 12:44 pm
Thx guys. Much appreciated. More to come. :-)

发表时间 Fri 25 Jan 19 @ 5:34 pm
Thanks Terry! Been using all 3 software programs for djing for years. Virtual dj always calls me back because of the configuration, video quality, tech support, and the fact that if I want it to look like Serato, I can load a skin and my other dj friends that come on ( I am a late night club ) can jump on the decks thinking it's Serato LOL. I configured vdj just like serato because of my years using the keyboard commands.

发表时间 Fri 25 Jan 19 @ 9:50 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003
The music played, software used and increasingly the hardware used is at the discretion of the DJ. It's the responsibility of the management to make sure that they don't let an amateur DJ run riot in their venue, recommendations are usually the way in this game, but trials can be arranged, if someone is good and reliable then that's good enough, the element of software never comes into it unless you're using something that's not up to the job like VLC media player.

I've argued for years that VDJ could help its user base by investing a bit more in branding and the GUI, to create a more sophisticated image, as this would help those on the receiving end of software/gear shaming which does sadly take place (mostly from other DJs), it would also give VDJ a stronger foothold in the club market. There's so many DJ apps now, I think both style and substance are needed to last the distance.

发表时间 Sat 26 Jan 19 @ 4:52 pm
Software/gear shaming???? You guys have got to stop this nonsense. How can someone shame you? This sounds like the other self deprecating, overused term "Cyber Bullying". No one has this power, unless you give it to them.

How does this guys review, affect you? It does not. This software has taken shots, since I've been here, and my pockets are full. I have had a few idiots attempt to disparage this software while I was playing, or in a conversation. Let's just say it did not work out well for them. I have been a DJ for 51 years, and the equipment that I use does not make me. The opinion of others, has no affect on my bottom line.

What is the purpose of his public review? It is self serving, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is his what he does. His primary concern is the amount of views he gets. If he just wanted to try the software, he would have done it the same way millions of others have, in the privacy of his DJ booth. Again, there is nothing wrong with his method, just keep that in mind.

We must also keep in mind that sincerity, is not always as it seems. We have all appeared to be sincere at some time, when we actually were not. Call me skeptical, but I always look at the ulterior motive. Even if he give a favorable review, how does his opinion affect you. Even if he gives up his favorite software for VirtualDJ, how does that get you more gigs, or more money in your pocket? It will do nothing for you, so don't give it that much concern. I will say it again, if you are looking at someone else, you are taking the focus off of your self.

Lets put this into perspective. When Tiesto used an Acer laptop (was VirtualDJ on it?) on his helicopter, how many of you bought an Acer? If you did buy one, are you now making $60 million dollars a year?

发表时间 Fri 01 Feb 19 @ 4:59 pm
Macs are people that don't understand computers and Serato is for people that don't understand software.
There's nothing wrong with either of those IMHO.
Though the argument can be made that a better understanding of the tools used will improve a DJ's performance, it also doesn't make the performance.

I'm glad for Terry that his journey is taking him to a better understanding of software. Peer pressure from other DJ's to use a specific computer or piece of software (or wear a type of sneakers) is adolescent behavior and belongs on the school playground.
Wherever his review leads him to, at the end he will have a better understanding of the software he chooses to use. (Serato, RB, or VDJ). For the VDJ team I reckon his video's are a good watch as he seems to come up with some constructive criticism that could improve VDJ's user experience.

发表时间 Tue 05 Feb 19 @ 7:42 am
My response....

I am not for or against either software. The only reason we have industry standards is because people keep upholding and pushing it. Despite what you are you are saying, you are stating your personal opinion on VDJ which does influence others. Ppl who like you and your channel will absorb what you say. By you stating you personally don't like it, its ugly (there are many skins), it's for bedroom Djs and ppl only use the cracked version; it clearly shows you are partial to one software over another. I have been a Dj for 23 years (Vinyl, CDs, & Controllers) I don't care what a Dj uses to mix with as long as the mix is good and the dance floor is packed. I can't tell you how many times I have out mixed other Djs using VDJ and the Numark Mixtrack Edge or the Dj2go. Yet there they are with their mac book, huge Pioneer controller and Serato. No software or controller will ever be able to read a crowd, know what track to play next or how to hype a crowd.

Here is the real reason the industry chooses Serato over VDJ. When CDs come out the turntable loyalist didn't want to convert. Then just when everyone was moving to CDs a long comes controllers. Which was even worse. Serato bundled their software with a audio interface which allowed Djs to use time coded vinyls or CDs with a laptop and Djs rejoiced. VDJ embraced the change and seen the controller was going to be the next big thing (and they we were right). VDJ were also the 1st to use the Sync button (even though Serato has a pitch matching as well). So all the Djs who didn't want to move to something new and keep using turn tables & CD players demonized VDJ for having a sync button. I wish ppl would actually try to use that damn sync button. It is not accurate I don't see any Dj being able to use it 100% and get away with it.

I hate using club equipment. It is not well maintained and not to mention who knows what the cleanliness of it is. What is the hygiene of the ppl that have used it before me? I'd rather bring my controller and my laptop and plug into their system. If they can't let me do that then I guess I ain't mixing there.

I compare this debate with any other discriminatory debate. THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE.... (I am Mexican) I can say I am not racists and I don't have anything against Mexicans but I personally don't like them or see why ppl would like them. I have heard they are lazy and illegal. Despite the fact I stated I am not racists, it doesn't clear me from what I stated after that. Which is exactly what you did in this video. Respectfully........ Dj VooDoo (Chicago, IL)

发表时间 Wed 06 Feb 19 @ 5:38 pm

发表时间 Sat 13 Apr 19 @ 10:49 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Thanks for the review.
A few notes:
-The reason rampStopTime is not an option that is there in the common settings is because we didn't really consider it as an important option.
Perhaps in Serato it is deemed so important because it is coming from a background of trying to emulate vinyl.
In my opinion, if you are going to use it, you probably want it actually accessible and visible all the time so you don't accidentally have a ramp up/down time when you don't want it.
So it just works on controllers like the cdj's that have dedicated buttons for this.
If you are just using mouse/keyboard or don't have dedicated buttons for this, I think it makes more sense to use the BrakeStart effect, where you can just trigger it as a one-off effect (and have the length slider immediately acccessible too)

-CMD+F shortcut not working on mac indeed seems to be a bug, will look into that so should be fixed in the next update.

-Option+F is not in the default mapper, only in the default Optional mapper, which should resemble the keyboard mapping in serato.
As you can see here, this is indeed supposed to be used for fast forward:

-Not sure about the sound in the headphones, with default settings it should go to the headphones unaltered.
It's the same with different hardware?

Regarding settings, it would be interesting if you have time if you could list the options you changed and why so that we could perhaps indeed better understand which options are more important or should be more easily accessible.

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 6:47 am
Cleveland Terry wrote :
Alright guys...I told you I'd be back and I'm a man of my word... I finally put up my VDJ review. Take a look and let me know what you think.

PT 1
PT 2

Enjoy your weekend

Thanks Terry I enjoyed your videos and looking forward to your rekordbox and serato reviews !

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 10:57 am
in part 2 you mention saving settings to cloud.
what happens if you have no access to the cloud or any internet access at all?
saving your Database is easy enough now and you can save to as many locations as you see fit

personally i'm in favor of an auto-backup in addition to this - like a 'save all on exit"
but that's why we have a Wishes and new Features forum too

so... no cloud, no signal on phone to use as hotspot on gig out in the boondocks?
thumbdrives to the rescue. I regularly backup the entire VirtualDJ folder and can copy and paste it in and have EVERYTHING back to normal in a hot minute.
saving database and settings has never been an issue and as for saving to the cloud - you can just upload the VirtualDJ folder to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc and if you have internet access just download, copy and paste and be running along just fine.

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 5:37 pm
The laptops that I use for gigs have card readers, with small capacity cards left in at all times. I keep backup copies of the crucial VDJ files on those.

I mean TBH if you're using a computer of any kind for anything, you should (as routine) be taking regular backups of the stuff you can't afford to lose.

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 6:03 pm
Just to be clear, I'm not talking about cloud preference only. The preference file will always be stores on your local computer. It will only upload or download to the cloud when on wifi. You could even make it command based and not automatic. I have several clones of all my computers and I even keep a back up Macbook with me. On this particular install, I decided to install everything from scratch bypassing the clone. I hadn't done a clean install in like 15 years. It was time.

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 7:44 pm
15 years?
you old school maverick you.
but yeah... if it ain't broke...
I don't have any computers older than 5 years except at the club and that beast keeps chugging along on win7.
and also never gets online except for build updates.

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 7:59 pm
ive been dj'ing for years. Cluibs. Mobile and weddings. Never seen anyone using Traktor! cant even believe theyre in business.

发表时间 Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 9:35 pm
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