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话题: Mo Bamba
Wanted to get some opinions on whether the Promo Only clean edit of Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes could be played at a catholic or public high school dance.

发表时间 Sun 21 Oct 18 @ 4:45 am
just play the regular unedited version and say a few Hail Marys

发表时间 Sun 21 Oct 18 @ 7:56 am
What? Who? I had to look that one up - it only reached number 96 in the UK, so pretty much non existent.

Hearing it, I can understand why most rappers use pitch correction when "singing".

With the amount of profanity in it, surely a clean version would have almost no vocal left?!

发表时间 Sun 21 Oct 18 @ 8:12 am
There is an [Extra Clean] audio version available, that I have from PrimeCuts 201835. The regular clean version should not be played a Catholic school function. If you play the unedited version, the Hail Mary's will not help you. You could possibly be struck down by lightening right were you stand.

发表时间 Mon 22 Oct 18 @ 9:54 pm