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话题: Upcoming song info on video plugin. Help needed coding
PauIy PHome userMember since 2018
Hello there,

In preparing myself to become a DJ at latin parties, I want to do something more than the standard DJ. I would like to show some information on an external screen. This should show the song artist name(s), title, genre as well as display the cover. Not only from the song that is currently playing, but also from the next song. Well, thats the problem, because I still want to prelisten to some songs without having this shown as upcoming song on my output. Currently the upcoming song info shows the song as soon as it is loaded. What I ideally want is that it will only be shown when I press a certain button (for example a custom button).

Does anyone have experience with coding and some time to help me?
If so, I would certainly share the code on here.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards

发表时间 Wed 15 Aug 18 @ 6:56 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The easiest way, without having to edit any skin, is to use the prelisten player of VDJ (in the File Info Browser window) before loading to a deck

发表时间 Wed 15 Aug 18 @ 11:47 pm