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话题: a way to identify songs with multiple / variable BPM
in case where the song has a variable BPM acccording to virtual DJ, or 2 or more BPMs, that the BPM field would read out the starting BPM to enable that song to be synced with the previous song, and for that song to come up in relevant BPM searches , the letter V or M after it to indicate that its variable or multiple BPM respectively.

currently the BPM field displays he final BPM of the song, which is no use for syncing really when you think about it.

so it would look something like this

130v or 130m

thats an idea anyways, but im sure you guys at VDJ might even have a better idea.

i havent figured out a way that it would display the second or 3rd bpms in the browser. maybe it doesnt need to. but this is a start anyways!

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