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话题: BEST place to get music?
Hey guys I have been DJ ing for almost 4 years now but I have always got all my music for free and I am tired of searching! I am a DJ at a club and I am looking for current stuff to keep me up to date withouth searching for good versions and wasting my time. I am looking for current hip hop, and good house, electro, dance, (original songs and remixes) maybe some dubstep to keep the flooe moving!!! Let me know what to get or what you guys use.

发表时间 Thu 05 May 11 @ 11:12 am
I do a lot of browsing to find blogs that post music I like. There are a lot of them that tailor to specific kinds of music. Then I subscribe to the website on my RSS feed. That way when I open my RSS program, or visit Google Reader, all of the new updates and new songs are in one easy-to-find place.

If you want more specific suggestions on places I can give you some.

发表时间 Tue 10 May 11 @ 3:54 pm
KefkaHome userMember since 2011
If you don't mind paying for your music, check out Beatport. It caters to dj's and has a great selection of edm and provides charts for the current top 100 downloads and top 100 classics for each style. Its the main site I use to keep up to date on my dubstep library, and they have everything from hip-hop to psy-trance. They even have a 'DJ Tools' section which contains a lot of great samples and fx.

发表时间 Thu 19 May 11 @ 6:06 pm is a place where you can convert songs from youtube into mp3's. its great because you can find remix's that you cant really get anywhere else.......its completely illegal so of course i never use it ;)

发表时间 Wed 25 May 11 @ 5:27 pm

发表时间 Sat 18 Jun 11 @ 3:23 pm
Emil2kHome userMember since 2011

发表时间 Mon 20 Jun 11 @ 6:26 pm
With so many great songs out, how do you stay in touch with what's new and good. I would love to find a blog or forum where house music is discussed and reviewed. My wife loves to shuffle so she wants me to find lots of songs for her and frankly I don't know where to look aside from spending hours upon hours previewing songs from iTunes, beatport, and traxsource.

发表时间 Wed 29 Jun 11 @ 1:28 am
i was just wondering if anyone already has the geniusDJ and the whole net search thing for 9.99 a month? i was wonderin is it worth it for the convenience? thanks!!

发表时间 Wed 06 Jul 11 @ 10:37 pm
toss08Home userMember since 2011

If you you want to find tons of great hip hop, trance dubstamp you gas to digg a lot!!! You also might want to avoid the free downloads 'coz does not have the quality of an original.

But, I would personally recommend (site offer free downloads for newbies). Here you can find different tracks and genres that you need for mixing of keeping the club pumpin.

Hope this helps..

发表时间 Tue 12 Jul 11 @ 9:03 am
If you want free you should check out Creative Common's releases. has some great stuff.

Otherwise, paying is really the best road.

发表时间 Thu 14 Jul 11 @ 8:28 am
DiscJockVee wrote :
i was just wondering if anyone already has the geniusDJ and the whole net search thing for 9.99 a month? i was wonderin is it worth it for the convenience? thanks!!

Netsearch is awesome. For 10$ you can find pretty much anything you can think of. I do research of what is current by using radio station play lists, throwing on music channels on cable, if I hear a song when I'm out I use shazzam, YouTube is great for unique mixes. Then I plug it in to netsearch and download it to cache and there you have it. You don't need internet access at your gig if you have already put it in cache. Just make sure you refresh them while you still have access. I have WiFi at all my ref gigs and if I get a request of something I don't have then I search it, find it, and bam its on a deck. Well worth the money.

发表时间 Sun 17 Jul 11 @ 9:59 pm
alin991Home userMember since 2011
how do I set the track to go one by one

发表时间 Thu 21 Jul 11 @ 5:59 pm
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
alin991 wrote :
how do I set the track to go one by one


发表时间 Sat 23 Jul 11 @ 3:30 pm
I agree with Dj. Jones... Well worth the money for NetSearch/GeniusDJ

发表时间 Wed 22 Aug 12 @ 2:24 pm
I also agree with DJ JOnes...As I was reading his blog, I just kept smiling because it is exactly what I do to keep my files current. I go to radio stations to see what's out there and if I hear a song, I shazzam it. NetSearch is the best for 10 bucks a month.

发表时间 Fri 28 Sep 12 @ 8:02 pm
For $50 a month I use . It is a site for DJ's and has almost daily updates for music and videos. Whatever you download is your after you quit your subscription.

发表时间 Wed 03 Oct 12 @ 4:45 pm
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