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 Denon MC-6000 Full

名称: Denon MC-6000 Full
作者: acw_dj - Atomix Productions -

发表时间: Mon 18 Feb 13 @ 7:39 pm
最后更新: Mon 18 Feb 13 @ 8:44 pm
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This is a fully mapped version of the MC-6000 using 4 decks or 2 decks. If you want to use another sound card now you can control all master and booth and headphones from the controller using another sound card too. You still can use the Denon Sound card, no problem with it but now you can have your phones mapped and see it on the skin too.

I change the default effects too: FX1= FlangerHQ and SHIFT FX1=DSP_PHASER

FlangerHQ can be downloaded from here:


Also now you can access the pitch_range by pressing SHIFT (-) (pitchbend) and go up pressing SHIFT (+)

Samplers go from sampler 1 to sampler 8 and use PARAM for samplers 8 and 10. Also those knobs are the 3th slider in an effect you may use.

DUCKING now goes to 60% of the master volume to allow you MIC talkover. Also I add a DJMIC functionality while you press MIC 1.

SPLIT_CUE is set to get headphones_mix at 50%, as an approach of this functionality.

Try it is a very nice and helpful mapping to the MC-6000. I also have a 3-1-2-4 mapping, just need to switch the device definition file and rename the other one to .XM_ to allow VirtualDJ to load only the one you are going to use.

Any comments, feel free to PM me.